About Us

Comexr B.V. is a computer supplier from the Netherlands. This down-to-earth company has three core values: freedom of choice, transparency and privacy. By offering laptops and desktops that are perfectly tuned and optimized for use with various Linux® based operating systems we aim to make it accessible for every computer user to switch to Linux by increasing freedom of choice and restricting the omnipotent and commercial Microsoft.

In our opinion, there is nothing against commercialisation. But we are against restricting freedom, transparency and privacy. And let there be just one alternative that does embrace these three basic rights, namely Linux. This is one of the reasons why we started laptopwithlinux.com.

Freedom, transparency and privacy, what does that actually mean?

“software is like sex : it's better when it's free,,

– Linus Torvalds –



Most of the Linux distributions can be used for free and can be copied, shared and even changed without any problem. Open-Source not only contributes to transparency, but also to the availability of the source code to anyone who wants to improve it, modify it or co-develop software.



Linux is Open Source. This means that the source code of the operating system is public for everyone. Unlike Microsoft, for example, the Windows source code is the best-kept secret of the digital revolution. Who knows, Microsoft may read over your shoulder and over that of our governments and ultimately have control over every computer on which Windows runs.



If privacy is important to you, you can’t get away from using Linux. Do you have Windows 10, or Mac OS x? Then be aware that the recommended default settings of these operating systems are not so favorable for your privacy. From your location to your browse and search data is shared with these multinationals without you noticing.

Why buy at Laptop with Linux?

If you have ever installed Linux on a computer yourself, you know only too well that installing it is not enough for the device to function properly with the installed Linux OS. It often lacks drivers, custom configurations and settings, and takes a lot of time and research before a system works properly and completely.

At Laptop with Linux we select hardware that is perfectly tuned and optimized for use with Linux operating systems. We also work together with developers of various Linux distributions. As a customer you can be sure that a laptop or computer purchased at laptopwithlinux.com will fully function with your chosen Linux system and you will experience the convenience of a system that comes pre-installed out-of-the-box with Linux.

Specialist In Linux

Specialist in Linux

Laptop with Linux specializes in Linux based operating systems. We deliver our hardware only with Linux or even without OS. We do not supply Windows or Mac. If you want dual-boot (Windows + Linux), please contact us for the possibilities.

Boost And Donate To Linux Developers

Boost Linux developers!

Because we find it very important to maintain the freedom and openness of Linux in general, we give a part of our profits to various Linux developers, Linux based distributions and Linux communities. When you buy from us you therefore indirectly stimulate the development of your chosen Linux OS.

Configure Linux Laptop

Configure to measure

Every laptop or Linux mini can be fully customized. With each model you can choose from various parts and different speeds. So you buy a laptop that fully meets your requirements, wishes and not to forget your budget.

Dutch Quality

Dutch Top Quality!

Laptop with Linux is a company based in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce: 72897775) which not only operates from Hengelo The Netherlands but also assembles, installs and configures the systems in the Netherlands.

During assembly, installation and configuration there is also quality control. This way you can be sure that quality is guaranteed!

Compatible With Linux Os

100% compatible with Linux

The systems we provide are 100% compatible with the Linux distributions specified on each product page. Let us pre-install Linux for you or be free to buy the laptop without OS and install Linux yourself. On request we can send you the necessary drivers, installation files and instructions.

Free Linux Support

Free Support

As a customer, you get free support by phone, WhatsApp or e-mail. You can also contact our customer service for advice and questions about compatibility with third party applications or peripherals.