This is a summary overview where you can quickly find information. The Warranty Conditions, which are also part of the General Terms and Conditions, always prevail and can be read here.

Do you want to apply for warranty? Then do so via this page.

Warranty period

The defualt and additional warranty.


Although we do our absolute best every day, it can happen that a product becomes defective and/or no longer functions properly. At LaptopwithLinux you will enjoy a 2 year warranty on your purchase by default, with the exception of the battery, on which you will receive 1 year warranty. For an additional fee the warranty period can be extended to 3 years with free pickup and return (pickup and return only available for EU countries).

The Intel NUC (Linux Mini) has a 3 year warranty by default. For an additional charge, you can purchase a 4-year warranty.

The warranty period starts from the date of the invoice.

A functioning Linux OS

LaptopwithLinux guarantees that your chosen Linux OS will work with the product for at least the lifetime of the chosen OS.

LaptopwithLinux guarantees that your chosen Linux OS will work with the product for at least the lifetime of the chosen OS (usually up to 5 years from product release).

For example:

  • You have the product for three years with your chosen OS Ubuntu. Ubuntu gets an update which means the sound no longer works on your product. We will then provide a solution (fix/workaround/patch).

Excluded from warranty

Exclusions from warranty

Excluded from warranty are damages (or malfunctions) caused by, but not limited to:

  • falling
  • bumping/impacts
  • dust and dirt
  • wear and tear
  • liquids
  • improper use
  • software
  • Non-compatible or incorrect firmware

Refer to our warranty conditions for more information and when warranty is or is not covered and how the customer is expected to handle his or her product.

Please note! If you send in a product for warranty but it turns out not to be a warranty product (does not meet the warranty conditions), we reserve the right in such cases to charge an investigation fee (maximum EUR 100,- (or the equivalent in local currency)) and return shipping costs, in addition to any repair costs. Our hourly rate is EUR 65,- excl.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs that you as a customer make to send your product to us for warranty are at your own expense. We LaptopwithLinux – Comexr B.V. do not refund these costs!

If your warranty request meets the warranty conditions, we will cover the shipping costs for returning the product back to you (the customer).

Apply for warranty

Do you want to make use of the warranty? Then use the warranty submission form!

You can submit a warranty application using the warranty form. You can find this form on this page: https://laptopwithlinux.com/warranty-form/

You will need the serial number of the laptop. This can be found on the bottom of the laptop. If it is not visible, please ask us for the serial number of your laptop.

After you have submitted your warranty application, you can send the product to us. Use the original packaging if it still offers adequate protection, or use new packaging. Remove old shipping labels. Please send the parcel with the reason for shipment as “Return” or “Repair” and not “Sale”.  Then send the package to:

Name: Comexr BV
Street: Burgemeester Jansenplein 33
Postcode: 7551ED
City: Hengelo
Province: Overijssel
Country: The Netherlands

Please send us a tracking URL or number of the shipment so we can keep an eye on the package.

Please note! You are shipping the product, so you are responsible for safe transportation. Defects or damage occurring during shipment are excluded from warranty. Consumers outside of the European Union (EU) must ship the product for warranty with shipping reason “Return” or “Repair” to avoid VAT, import taxes and/or clearance charges when returning to the Netherlands. If VAT, import duties and/or clearance charges are passed on to Comexr B.V., Comexr B.V. has the option to charge a handling fee of €100 (EUR).

Warranty handling

How we handle warranty requests and it’s processing time.

It is always frustrating when something does not work or breaks down. That is why we strive for a super-fast warranty service. We can do most repairs or replacements ourselves, but in exceptional cases the laptop has to be sent to a Clevo service centre for repair. If this happens, we will inform you about it, but you should take into account a longer processing time for the repair.

When we have received your product for warranty, you will receive a confirmation by email. In most cases we can start processing your warranty request the same day. If it takes longer than 3 days we will give you an expected duration in advance.