What's a barebone laptop?

A barebone laptop is an undressed laptop without Windows or OS, usually with only a laptop case, motherboard and display. Barebone laptops need to be equipped with components such as; processor, graphics card, memory, storage media, keyboard, WiFi and last but not least the operating system (OS). The advantage of the barebone notebook is that you can make your own choice of components to be used in the laptop. In many cases, you can even reuse parts from your current or defective laptop.

Why a barebone laptop?

Barebone laptops are cheaper

The barebone laptop is usually cheaper than the ready-made laptops from well-known brands such as Asus and HP. These types of laptops are cheaper to buy because you can choose the components yourself. You also choose the operating system and the barebone models are standard delivered without an expensive Microsoft license.

Economical To Buy
Barebone Laptop With Linux

For people who prefer a Linux laptop

Do you prefer to work with an operating system like Linux, or do you prefer to install and configure Windows yourself? Then the barebone laptop is the perfect choice. Our barebone laptops can be configured with Linux or without an operating system. So you don’t pay unnecessarily for a Windows license.

At laptopwithlinux.com everyone has the choice to configure a laptop with or without Linux. If you prefer Windows, you can assemble the laptop without OS and you are free to install Windows yourself.

Barebones also have a 2-year warranty

If you choose to use your own hardware, such as a HDD/SSD or DDR memory, the warranty of our laptops will not expire. The Linux laptops from Clevo Computers in our shop come with a standard two-year warranty (1-year warranty on the battery) including 30-day dead-pixel warranty. Warranty conditions apply.

Barebone Laptops And Warranty

Also suitable for people without computer knowledge!

Aren’t you an expert in computers and/or technology and do you label yourself as clumsy with computers? Then a barebone notebook is also a suitable choice for you. The functionalities of a barebone are identical to laptops of the larger brands. If you need advice, we are happy to help! Please contact our customer service.

With a barebone laptop, you can also contact any computer service or repair shop in the world at any time.

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