Acrtic Mx 4 Thermal Compound Cooling Paste

Arctic MX-4 thermal Compound

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Arctic MX-4 thermal Compound
Arctic Cooling is a well-known name in the world of homebuilders and ‘overclockers’ and, for good reason, has a reputation to uphold when it comes to high-performance heat transfer between components and heatsinks.

The MX-4 thermal compound is very easy to apply and due to its new composition, the assembly of the processor is super easy. The heatsink is electrically non-conductive and is placed between the CPU/GPU and its associated coolers to optimise heat transfer. Arctic Cooling MX-4 is metal-free, eliminating the risk of short circuits and providing increased safety for your PC or laptop.

Quantity/Weight: 2g
Characteristics: low thermal resistance, not electrically conductive, not static, not hardening, not corrosive, odourless

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