Clevo NL40BAT-3 36Wh

Spare battery Clevo NL40BAT-3 36Wh

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Please check the model and shape of your original Clevo NL40BAT-3 battery and make sure you are ordering the right battery; it will avoid disappointment, waiting time and unnecessary costs and transport.

The list of supported models is continuously updated and not all models are listed; please contact us if you cannot find the right laptop model or battery part number. We will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate laptop battery.

Voltage: 11.4V
Capacity: (3175mAh) 36Wh
Type: Li-ion
Condition: new
Warranty: 6 months

Compatible products:
NL41LU, NL41CU, NL41LU2, NL41CU2, NL40CU, NL40LU, NL50CU, NL50LU, NL51LU, NL51CU, NL52CU, NL52LU, NL50RU, NL51RU, NL50NU, NL51NU, NL40MU, NL41MU, NL42MU, NL50MU, NL51MU, NL52MU, NL40PU, NL41PU, NL50PU, NL51PU, NL55PU
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