Return conditions

These return conditions only apply to the Customer being a natural person not acting in the course of his profession or business.

Withdrawal period

The customer has the right to dissolve the remote agreement with LaptopwithLinux within 14 days after receipt of the product, without giving reasons, free of charge.

The period shall commence on the day following receipt of the product by the client, or a third party other than the carrier designated by the client in advance:

  • if the Customer has ordered several products in the same order: the day on which the Customer, or a third party designated by him, has received the last product;
  • If the delivery of a product consists of several shipments or parts: the day on which the Customer, or a third party designated by him, has received the last shipment or the last part;
  • In the case of Agreements for the regular delivery of products during a certain period: the day on which the Customer, or a third party designated by the Customer, has received the first product.

Cost of return

The customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods.

Customer’s obligation

Within the above revocation period, Customer shall handle the product and packaging with care. Customer will only open the packaging and only use the product to the extent necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and operation of products. The starting point here is that this inspection may not go any further than that which the Customer could do in a physical store.

Customer is only liable for any reduction in value of the product resulting from a way of handling the product that goes beyond what is permitted in the previous paragraph.

How to return?

The Customer may terminate the Contract in accordance with the above term by sending the model withdrawal form (digitally) to LaptopwithLinux, or by notifying LaptopwithLinux unambiguously that it is giving up the purchase. LaptopwithLinux will confirm receipt of this notification in the event of a digital notification. After cancellation, the Customer has 14 days to return the product. It is also possible to return the product immediately within the above withdrawal period, provided that the model withdrawal form or other unambiguous declaration of withdrawal is enclosed.

Products can be returned to:

Burgermeester Jansenplein 33-3
7551ED Hengelo (OV)
The Netherlands


Amounts already paid (in advance) by the Customer will be refunded to the Customer as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after termination of the Agreement, provided the return has been reviewed by LaptopwithLinux, in the same manner that the Customer paid the order. If the Customer has opted for a more expensive method of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery, LaptopwithLinux will not be required to refund the additional costs for the more expensive method. Unless LaptopwithLinux offers to collect the product itself, LaptopwithLinux may wait until LaptopwithLinux has received the product or until the Client can prove that it has returned the product, whichever is earlier.

Notification of right of withdrawal

Information on whether or not the right of withdrawal applies and any desired procedure will be clearly stated on the Website in good time prior to the conclusion of the Agreement.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

The right of revocation does not apply to:- Audio and video recordings and computer software of which the Customer has broken the seal;

  • The delivery of digital content other than on a tangible medium if the execution has started with the express prior consent of the Client and he has declared that he thereby loses his right of revocation.