openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed now available on our laptops

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We at LaptopwithLinux are happy to announce that we will be adding openSUSE to our always expanding portfolio of Linux distributions. Starting today openSUSE will be made available on all our compatible systems. Check our shop to see which systems are available with openSUSE!

OpenSUSE is a community driven linux distribution that offers some best in class stability. One of openSUSE`s biggest pros is YaST wich is the setup tool. This features a very professional looking, easy to use interface and can be used as a command line version.

OpenSUSE is mostly intended for advanced Linux users and developers. These users will feel right at home with openSUSE because of the very advanced features. This means openSUSE gives you almost limitless power at your fingers tips to do as you please! Most impressive remains how openSUSE manages to give this much power without making it too difficult for newer Linux users.

We will be deploying the leap version on supported systems. All other systems will receive the tumbleweed or rolling update version.

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